Enchanted Readathon

I LOVE readathons! I love the ideas behind them, especially with how much more it encourages me to read. So I finally have decided to host my own! This year will be my first ever Enchanted Readathon!

New to readathons? Check below for details!

Readathon Dates: July 21 - August 31


If you're new to readathons, the idea is simple! There are many ways to do them and are several types out there, but the goal is simply to help encourage you to read! Through prompts and challenges, readathons add another level of fun to reading!


Beauty’s Enchanted Readathon was created as a fun way to stay motivated with reading and interact with other fellow bookworms using fun fictional-themed prompts to help you pick books that you may not have picked up otherwise and, or help you get through your backlist of unread books.


The Enchanted Readathon will take place over 6 weeks! You have from July 21 through August 31 to complete as many prompts as you can!


I will have a total of 16 prompts ~ 15 prompts and 1 enchanted prompt!


There is no cross-over or doubling up on reads allowed. This means you cannot “kill two birds with one stone” only one book may be allowed for the completion of each prompt.


You cannot repeat prompts. In order to successfully complete the readathon, each prompt may only be done once.

Don’t know what to read for one of the prompts?

I’ve created a list for each prompt of suggested books that fit within a given prompt! However, don’t feel like you need to pick from my lists! These are simply there to help you find a book! It may even remind you of another book that fits within the prompt too!


Of course, I would plan on throwing a giveaway for this too! Each prompt you complete that you share with me enters you in a chance to win into a Mystery Wishlist book from Amazon! I will draw the winner at the end of the readathon!


Other ways to be entered: Besides sharing your progress with me, I encourage you to share your progress on Instagram! Each post you make is an additional entry!***


This readathon is meant to be fun, there is by no means any pressure to take part or share your progress. However, if you are interested in the giveaway for your reads you must be willing to share your progress with at least me, Beauty’s Library.


*failing to follow the guidelines may forfeit your prize(s).

**All entries will need to be entered by 11:59 pm PST the day the readathon ends. Any entries after will not count towards the giveaway.

***Must tag me in the actual post in order to count towards an entry. If I haven’t engaged with your post within 24 hours, message me to ensure I saw your post!

Please note: You can still participate even if you aren’t interested in the giveaway. You may take part in my readathon without sharing your progress with me! I created this as a way to help encourage all readers to read more books and get through their backlists.


Mother Knows Best
read a book from a mother’s pov

Be Our Guest
read a book set around food or cooking 

Sands of Time
read a book set in a different decade

Poison Apple
read a book with a disease

May the odds be ever in your favor
read a dystopian novel

read a book with plants on the cover

Magic Carpet
read a book set in a different country than yours

Blood Sucker
read a book involving vampires 

Cupid’s Arrow
read a romance

read a humorous book

Into the Deep
read a book set in, by or at sea

A Rose By Any Other Name
read a book with a rose on the cover

read a book with stars on the cover

Drink Me
read a book with 150 or fewer pages

Eat Me
read a book with 500 or more pages


Enchanted Prompt ~ Join the Coven
take part in a book club or buddy read

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