Will You Be My Valentine? Book Exchange

I'll be putting together my first ever book exchange! This exchange will be Valentine's themed, Will You Be My Valentine? If you're new to these, I'll explain how it works below!

Sign ups are now closed! Keep an eye out for future book exchanges!

Entry Dates: Jan 5 - Jan 12

Mailing Dates: Jan 18 - Feb 5


If you're new to book exchanges, the idea is simple! You send someone a book and someone sends you one in return! How the particular exchange is set up might be different but the idea is often the same.

These exchanges are a great way to meet new book lovers!


As I mentioned this book exchange will have a Valentine's theme ~ Will You Be My Valentine? So you will be sending one person, your valentine one book and one bag of sweets!


Between the dates of January 5 and January 12, I'll be gathering everyone's information that is interested in taking part! So you must be willing to share your information with me! I will only share it with whom I pair you up with, and no one else!

Once I close the entries, I will try and have everyone paired up by January 18. I will email you your valentine! From that day, you have until February 5 to send your valentine their goodies!


Note ~
Keep in mind! The person sending you a valentine might not be the same person you will be sending one to.

I will also try to pair everyone up with someone who has similar tastes as you do! However, depending on the number of entries, that may not be possible.


Due to the circumstances of the world, I'll be limiting everyone to sending their valentine their goodies through Amazon. Here are some other limitations as well, only to be fair for everyone!

Only one book, please! It's not fair if someone else gets two books while another gets only one.

Only one bag of sweets! Again, only to be fair!


Spending limit of $30/£25, this is the combined price of the book and sweets.

Once you receive your valentine, go ahead and post about it! Make sure to use the hashtag ~ #beautysbookexchange 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me on Instagram or email me at beautys.library@gmail.com


If you signed up, keep an eye out for an email from me with your valentine details! I should hopefully have everyone matched up by January 18th.

Missed out? Keep an eye out on my Instagram for future book exchanges!