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2023 Enchanted Readathon - Let's Get Started!

Hello, fellow book nerds! Today marks the start of another readathon! And I couldn't be more excited!

I've been looking forward to this for weeks. I really had hoped to do this back in the summer like I did last year. But if you've been following my Instagram page this year, you might have noticed I've been posting less and I've shared that life has just been crazy busy. Both my personal and work life have been so busy! I work as a freelance graphic designer and this year my workload has once again increased compared to the previous year. And my personal life has changed in multiple ways. Both have impacted my free time for reading. I'm still reading but not nearly as much. Which I've found saddening. But I am happy with where my life is now. I just need to make time to read and work on my blog again!

And that's why I've been so excited about this readathon! And the timing couldn't be better. That workload I mentioned? It's finally slowed down. I wrapped up several projects within the past few weeks, so I finally have some free time again! I've been reading more lately

And my boyfriend has been super supportive too! He thought it was cute as I was working on creating the prompts and picking the books I wanted to read for them as well. He's actually the reason I added the Lord of the Ring inspired prompts! That's his favorite book series.

Now speaking of prompts...

So what am I planning on reading?

If last year was any indication, I'm sure I'll change my mind again on what I want to read for each of the prompts. But that doesn't stop me from still making a list! I very much enjoy making my reading lists. Here are my picks for this year's readathon!

Philosophers' Stone | read a young adult book

My pick: Beauty Reborn by Elizabeth Lowham

Black Cauldron | read a book with zombies My pick: The Walking Dead, Book Nine by Robert Kirkman

Grimm Grinning Ghosts | read a book with ghosts

My pick: Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix

Under the Sea | read a book set in or at sea

My pick: To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

Tale As Old As Time | read a retelling

My pick: Our Own Little Underworld by Paige Lavoie

Time Turner | reread a favorite

My pick: Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe

Stardust | read a book with stars on the cover or in the title

My pick: Swimming in a Sea of Stars by Julie Wright

Black Cat | read a book with a black colored cover

My pick: Fire Kissed by L.C. Son

Oleander | read a romance

My pick: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

Lost in the Woods | read a book set in a forest

My pick: The Beast is an Animal by Peternelle van Arsdale

The One Ring | read a book with a journey

My pick: Saga, Volume 10 by Brian K. Vaughan

Gothmog | read a book that you find intimidating

My pick: The Prox Transmissions by The Starset Society

Mount Olympus | read a book with greek gods

My pick: Go the Distance by Jen Calonita

Reducio | read a book with 150 or fewer pages

My pick: Snow, Glass, Apples by Neil Gaiman, Colleen Doran

Engorgio | read a book with 500 or more pages

My pick: Covet by Tracy Wolff

Enchanted Prompt ~ Hunters of Artemis | take part in a book club or buddy read

I'll be reading my Enchanted Reads book club pick for September - A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne


Interested in taking part in my Enchanted Readathon? For more information on this year's Enchanted Readathon and for the full prompt list click here.


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