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2023 Enchanted Readathon - Week Five

Hello, fellow book nerds! Just one week left after today!

Let's see... how many prompts have I completed...


So I totally missed last week's check-in. Honestly, the last two weeks have kind of been awful. Life just got in the way and it's been hard to read anything. I'm hoping I can snap back into it and finish these last few prompts. But... I don't know. I'd be okay with just finishing my current reads.

I think it's partly my inner mood reader coming out and saying, "I don't feel like reading those anymore" for my picks for the remaining prompts. I might spend some time after posting this and taking a look and what I might want to read instead. I'm not giving up yet!

So what did I read?

I read Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix for the Grimm Grinning Ghosts prompt.

I really don't know how I feel about this one. I read it basically in a day. I really shouldn't have, I stayed up stupidly late finishing this. I'm almost positive my boyfriend was annoyed I stayed up so late reading this in bed. Oopsies!

On a serious note though, this ended up being nothing like what I was expecting. The entire premise seems hilarious and in fact, the first few pages did have me dying. But it ended up being much darker and creepier than I ever could have guessed. I just couldn't put it down. I wanted to see how it would play out. If you're into haunted houses, definitely consider this one! Just instead of a house, think haunted IKEA store.

Then, I finished 9 Reasons Nick Strafford is the perfect Christmas Gift by Vivian Mae for the Oleander prompt!

This prompt asked that you read a romance. This was not my original pick. But I got the chance to read this before its release in the Romance Anthology: Let's Get Naughty 2 that it is featured in. Which was actually released yesterday! So I figured this ARC would be my pick instead as it is a romance! Just a very very very smutty one. This was such a fun read though! It's perfect for the holiday season. If you like spicy romances mixed with some holiday fun, this is perfect for you! I definitely can't wait to read the rest in this anthology!

So what am I reading next?

I'm currently reading Never, Never by Serena Valentino...

This is for the Under the Sea prompt, which asks that you read a book set in or at sea. This wasn't my original pick either. Serena just announced her next villain for this series, and it reminded me I haven't caught up yet. I'm behind 3 books, though technically 2, as one is a standalone and doesn't really affect the timeline of the series. This is one of my favorite retelling series, it takes all the Disney fairytales and mashes them all together, giving our beloved villains their own backgrounds. It doesn't change the Disney tales, it just gives us an added background for our villains.

If you weren't able to guess, Never, Never follows Captain Hook and how he became the villain in Peter Pan. I'm halfway through this one and I honestly love reading pirates, I know we're supposed to hate him, but I don't have a reason to hate Hook yet! Though I will add, some of these retellings in this series, don't actually make me hate the villains, sometimes it just makes me sad for them. In this fairytale version, most of them were tricked into becoming the villains.

and besides Never, Never... I'm also reading A History of Wild Places by Shea Ernshaw...

I'm reading this for my Hunters of Artemis prompt, where you have to take part in a book club or buddy read. This is my October pick for my book club! I've only recently started so I can't say much but I'm so excited to see how this one ends! It's been on my list ever since its release. I absolutely loved Ernshaw's other books The Wicked Deep and Winterwood.

Alright, the countdown for this last week has begun! Let's see where I finish next week!


Interested in taking part in my Enchanted Readathon? For more information on this year's Enchanted Readathon and for the full prompt list click here.


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