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Promise and Punishment Review

I think I have switched teams more often than a girl changes clothes!

Rating: 5/5

Kissing my older boss, Alejandro Rivera-Marquez, on the edge of a rooftop was supposed to be perfect. And it was, until my first love, Parker Jones, had him arrested.

Alejandro was Hollywood’s hottest star and biggest bad boy, and the secrets swirling his recent lawsuit had my best friend and New York’s most vicious lawyer, Parker, desperate to keep me from suffering the same fate as the mysterious woman who circled Alejandro’s case.

Parker wanted to prove that Alejandro was a bad man, and I wanted to prove him wrong. But when Alejandro abandoned me following shocking accusations, I was left questioning everything I believed about him, about us.

Left alone and heartbroken, Parker was determined to remain the one constant in my life, stealing me away for our annual summer vacation, where our relationship as I knew it would change forever.

I never wanted to be caught in a triangle with two of the most powerful men in my life, let alone stuck between one’s unbreakable promise and the other’s unspeakable secret.

How could I ever choose one relationship when I know it will cost me the other?


I received a free ARC copy in return for my honest review! Thank you so much!

I have been DYING for this sequel ever since I finished its predecessor, Lawsuit and Leather. Check out my review for Lawsuit and Leather here!

This kept me on my toes from start to finish. I went in with no expectations. But, JESUS CHRIST ON A CRACKER this book is spicy and juicy, and holy moly guacamole leaves you at the end going WTF. So many twists and curves, but I loved it all! Now I’m dying for the next one!

And let me just say, I think between these two books combined I have switched teams more often than a girl changes clothes!

I started the previous book on Parker's team and ended on Alejandro’s. I was in love with Alejandro, the bad boy actor that sweeps Gemma off her feet, while finding her best friend and roommate, Parker to be annoying and frustrating. Now with book two, I ended the opposite! I started on Alejandro’s team and ended on Parker’s! And there were definitely a lot of moments I went well… maybe she should end with… My GAWD! This threw me through a loop. I just could not make up my mind during the book.

I really wanted to stay on Team Alejandro. I truly did, but at the end Alejandro pulled some moves that made me uncomfortable. And I love how Gemma handled the situation, she is my idol! I wanna be Gemma when I grow up.

Both of our love interests have things going on for both of them. And both have also made very poor choices in regards to Gemma. But looking at everything, at the end of it all, I am now fully committed to Parker. I am 100% Team PARKER! (Watch the next book change my mind at least another 10+ times)

I think if you enjoy slow burn romances with love triangles and don’t mind age-gap romances, PLEASE consider picking this one up! It’s amazing!


Check out my review for Lawsuit and Leather here!

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