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Journal Entry | November 14.2022

Hello, beasties!

It’s already mid-November!

And I've got my November reading tracker ready to share! And very little else...

Honestly, this whole month I've struggled to do much of everything. I'm very much in a life slump, not just a reading slump. But my reading has just been absolutely awful. I'm barely reading, but it's not necessarily for lack of trying.

I am reading! I'm just not finishing anything. At this point, I'm really just trying to go through the motions and letting this slump ride through. I am hoping to snap out of it soon. I've just got a lot going on in my life, so reading hasn't been at the forefront of my mind. But I do miss reading! I've been trying to pick up books throughout the month, just nothing is capturing my attention very well...

I'm planning on taking a day this week to sit down and sort through some stuff for my blog though! I'm hoping that will also help me get more in the mood to read! I've got some exciting stuff to share with you all next week! I think you'll be excited

Here's a hint it involves books! hehe.... okay the real hint! I did this last year! And I hosted a similar thing last month!!

Until next time!


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