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2022 Top 3s

A look back on some notable reads of 2022.

While I didn't make my reading goal of reading 125 books, I still managed to get through 99 books. But you know what? Whether you read 1 book, 5 books, 50 books, 200 books! It doesn't matter! Be proud of what you read! You're a reader no matter how much you read!

And I'm very happy with what I read this year. I also read a much different variety of books than I usually do! I shocked myself as well as I was tallying up my final reads. My usual top genres are Fantasy, Thrillers and Horror. But while Fantasy was still a top genre, my other top genres were Graphic Novels and Historical Fiction. That meant Thrillers and Horror didn't even make my top three? What?!

Anyways! Back to my top reads for 2022!

I'm terrible at just picking one favorite read. I can never pick just one! So once again I did Top 3s for all my top read genres of the year! And apart from doing my Top 3s for 2022, I also shared my 2022 Superlatives list the other day, check it out here if you're interested!

And you can find my full list of books read during 2022 along with some reading stats on my Goodreads! Feel free to add me as well if you'd like! Here's a short summary of the stats I like to see, now I know the pages aren't exactly accurate but the approximate number is still nice to see. Also, I should note! I did have 3 reads that weren't available on Goodreads, so that's why it says my total is 96 and not 99.

99 books read ~22,922 pages read Average book length: 238 pages My average rating: 3.9

Here are my top 3 for the main genres I read this year! Enjoy!

Genre List

Want to see a particular genre? Skip to them!

Top 3 Horror

As a horror lover, I'm kicking myself for not reading more! I'll try harder this next year! Enjoy my Top 3!

#1 ~ Tender is the Flesh

This was easily my top horror read of 2022! I picked this up for my book club and it was such a lively discussion! The book itself is amazing but topping it off with my book club made it even better! I could talk about this book for hours! I'll forever recommend this book. You can check out my full review of Tender is the Flesh here.

#2 ~ Horrid

This book was easily a cover buy. I saw this cover and knew I'd love it. And it did not disappoint! This hooked me from the first line. While not truly scary, I found this to be very much under the skin creepy. Highly recommend! Review to come early 2023!

#3 ~ Locke & Key Series

I made my way through this series throughout 2022 and I LOVED it! This series was such a fun creepy fantasy read. I took through all the feels and it couldn't have ended better! I highly recommend it! Review to come early 2023!


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Top 3 Fantasy

Fantasy was my most read genre this year. Why am I not surprised? Haha! Enjoy my Top 3 for 2022!

#1 ~ Lore Olympus

Oh, this series holds a special place in my heart. I'll never get enough of this series! I can't wait for the next volumes to come out! You can check out my review of Lore Olympus Vol II here, with Vol III to come early 2023!

#2 ~ Bright Ruined Things

From the start, this had me entranced. I loved all the vibes we got from both the era and the magic. I read a majority of this in a single day. I simply didn’t want to put it down You can check out my full review of Bright Ruined Things here.

#3 ~ Promised in Fire

This was such an interesting fantasy read! It had me captivated from the start. I really had no idea what to expect going into this, but I found this to be an extremely entertaining adventure. And I already can’t wait for the next book! You can find my full review of Promised in Fire here.


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Top 3 Science Fiction

Last year, I ended up reading a lot of science fiction, so I guess it makes sense that the reverse happened this year! Here are my Top 3!

#1 ~ Saga

This series was recommended to me after I started to get really into. This is definitely an adult series! It's filled with aliens, war, love, sex, drama all the good stuff! My best friend likes to tease me saying that I'm reading my alien porn when I say I reading this series... Review to come!

#2 ~ Dead Silence

Immediately after seeing this cover, I knew I needed to read this one. Then, when I saw the premise, I really needed to read this one! And this did not disappoint! You can check out my full review of Dead Silence here.

#3 ~ The Handmaid's Tale The Graphic Novel

I've always loved The Handmaid's Tale and the sequel The Testaments. So this year, I finally caved and got myself a copy of the graphic novel and fell in love with this story all over again! I highly recommend these books! Review to come in 2023!


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Top 3 Historical Fiction

Historical Fiction is something I always say I want to read more of. Well, this year I finally did! Historical Fiction was one of my top genres! So, here are my Top 3!

#1 ~ The Belle of Belgrave Square

I probably won't be able to shut up about this one for a long while! A historical romance with a slight hint of Beauty and the Beast vibes? Yes, please! You can check out my review here!

#2 ~ Games in a Ballroom

A historical romance featuring a friends-to-lovers trope? Sign me up! We get to see both sides of this slow-burn romance, Emerson trying to woo Olivia, and Olivia only believes Emerson’s playing games. Highly recommend! You can check out my review here!

#3 ~ Beyond the Lavender Fields

This showcased a troubling time in France’s history while also pulling at my heartstrings. You can check out my full review here!


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Top 3 Romance

I love reading romance, but I never read it that often. But I had enough to pick a Top 3, so here it is!

#1 ~ I'm in Love with Mothman

Oh, this one surprised me! This was filled with tender moments and some hot hot HOT spice! Definitely recommend if you enjoy some paranormal smut! Review to come 2023!

#2 ~ The Dead Romantics

I had been seeing this one everywhere, so I was so excited when it was picked to be my book club pick! This was definitely the book I needed when I picked it up. And it sparked a great discussion! Review to come 2023!

#3 ~ Secret Beast

Oooh! This was dark, hot, and oh so spicy! If you’re looking for a smutty beauty and the beast retelling look no further! You can check out my full review here!


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Thank you so much for all your support this past year! Happy reading!


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