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The Present Review

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

This is such an enchanting read.

Rating: 4/5

A mystical agency exists that is responsible for creating Christmas Carol scenarios with preselected targets every December.

Employees of the agency work in either the Past, Present, or Future department and each year they are assigned a person on Earth in need of being “Scrooged,” as it were, so that person can reform and embrace the potential for goodness, love, and humanity they have in their hearts.

Frost Mason has worked in the Present department for almost a century and this Christmas is her 100th soul to save. The problem—Frost's belief in the miracle of Christmas and what her agency does has started to fade because while many people commit to reforming after the "life-changing" experience of being Scrooged, human beings rarely change permanently and Frost has watched countless former Scrooges backtrack and return to their old ways once time has passed.

Frost must find a way to deal with her disenchantment over humanity's potential to change while also working with her team to save the soul of this year's Christmas Assignment: a young, up-and-coming political star running for governor.


I received a copy of The Present from the author, Geanna Culbertson herself. In return for an honest review. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

This was a fun holiday read! I haven’t read many holiday books, but this is definitely a good one! I had no idea what to expect from this read, so I went into it with zero expectations. I found this to be a quirky magical experience.

This was a fun holiday read!

The Present takes a spin on the tale, A Christmas Carol that we all know and love. Within this magical story, we get to see our present day world, and Santa is real! At the North Pole we’re introduced to a department called CCD or the Christmas Carol Department, this department is filled with ghosts, ghosts that work either as the Past, Present or Future and each of them team up to scrooge specific people each holiday season. And we get to follow a ghost of Christmas Present on her 100th scrooge.

Magical doesn’t even begin to describe this book. It is filled with so much holiday cheer while also not being over the top or cheesy. It definitely gives off the Elf and Santa Clause vibes. I found this to be well-written and a very enjoyable holiday read.

It is filled with so much holiday cheer while also not being over the top or cheesy.

However, I also found this to be predictable, as most holiday stories tend to be. None of the events or twists we see truly shocked me. But even though, it wasn’t entirely shocking, I still found it very entertaining to follow and learn about this creative take on the North Pole.

And while I thought the ending was cute I expected a little more than we got. And that’s already after this book is over 500 pages. While this was fun and descriptive throughout the entire story, I felt the ending was rushed and could have had a little more tenderness. And despite its longer length, this flows really well. It’s an easy read and there wasn’t a scene I would take out.

Overall, I found this to be such an enchanting read. I think if you’re not put off by longer reads, this would make a great holiday read, especially for fans of A Christmas Carol.

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