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Lipstick Covered Magnet Review

Perfect for fans of YOU!

Rating: 5/5

She’s running from her past. He’s hoping to become her present.

Skylar has avoided the past for three years. She can’t be plagued by guilt and regret if she never has time to process what happened. When a song triggers the memories she’s tried so hard to bury, she knows she can’t run anymore. Despite her ex being gone, he’s hiding in the quiet and stillness. There’s no escape.

Connor has always been passionate. If he’s into you, he will follow you to the ends of the earth. Sure, his fixation once ended in a restraining order, but that was just one girl. When he meets Skylar, he feels that same itch. Despite her attempts to brush him off, he increases his efforts—even if that means tracking her movements and stalking her online. He knows he’ll win her over if he’s persistent.

As Skylar does her best to heal, Connor sinks further into obsession.


Content Warning: sexual assault, mentions of suicide, stalking

Perfect for fans of YOU!

I got the amazing opportunity to be a BETA reader for Amber for this book. So to be able to read a working draft and then the finished copy, oh, so amazing! Thank you so much, Amber! I can’t wait to see what you write next!

This book is such a great suspense thriller. As I mentioned above, this is perfect for fans of YOU. We meet another Joe Goldberg, this one named Connor. And Connor knows no bounds after receiving a little attention from Skylar. And Connor’s fixation becomes unhealthy fast, believing he will win Skylar’s heart eventually.

We meet another Joe Goldberg, this one named Connor.

We get a similar stalking story, but one that is also uniquely it's own. Even though it gave me vibes of YOU, it is nowhere near being a copycat. It will give you the creeps as you follow Connor and his unhealthy obsession with Skylar.

Even though it gave me vibes of YOU, it is nowhere near being a copycat.

And poor Skylar, she’s just trying to get through college. Having dealt with a traumatic experience in high school, the last thing she needs is a stalker.

This is a great quick pace stalker thriller! If you loved YOU, you’ll love this as well!


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