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Death Perception Review

I expected a much more violent and vibrant story, but the whole story was very tame.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nineteen-year-old Kennet Singleton lives with his invalid mother in a personal care facility, but he wants out. He operates the crematory at the local funeral home, where he discovers he can discern the cause of death of those he cremates—by toasting marshmallows over their ashes.

He thinks his ability is no big deal since his customers are already dead. But when his perception differs from what’s on the death certificate, he finds himself in the midst of murderers. To save the residents and avenge the dead, Kennet must bring the killers to justice.


I received a free book from Blackthorn Book Tours. Thank you for this opportunity!

I will admit, I was disappointed in how this book turned out after seeing its cover and synopsis. I expected a much more violent and vibrant story, but the whole story was very tame. It felt like another bait and switch for me.

I know we always say never judge a book by its cover, but I honestly think if this cover was not nearly as violent looking I might not have felt this way after reading this. But this cover is extremely violent filled with flames and a screaming bone corpse. Doesn’t that give off the intention of a violent story?

For the majority of this book, not a whole lot happens. And most of what does happen is very subdued. We’re just following a young man trying to do his job and make ends meet. Poor Kennett was just given a shitty hand in life. I mean, he was a little odd, deciding to roast marshmallows over the ashes of his cremated clients. But he wasn’t hurting anyone doing that.

I didn’t mind the slower-paced tame story for the most part. I found the premise to be interesting. It was just softer than I anticipated being especially by how the cover looks. I wasn’t bored while I read this, it did manage to keep my attention throughout the book.

However, there was one thing that did bother me. Being how dark Kennett’s character got by the end. It just seemed too out of character for him. I don’t think his character should have gotten that dark without having seen some of that darkness at the beginning of the story. It was very sudden how Kennett just switched into this darker version of himself. It didn’t sit well with me.

Though, I think if you enjoy light paranormal thrillers, you might enjoy this one too.


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