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Achievement Unlocked: Bookdragon

Hello, beasties!

Today, I wanted to talk about my love for books and reading! I've always enjoyed reading and I loved collecting books when I was growing up. But I truly never expected to reach the amount of books that I have collected since starting this blog.

The amount of books that I've had the opportunity to receive to feature, review, and just be gifted with, is simply astounding! I'm so thankful to this community and the opportunities I get with these books. I like to joke that it seems like almost every day I've got a book waiting for me on my doorstep! And book mail is by far the best mail! It's like Christmas every day!

And even with all those, I still buy more books. I don't have a problem! I can stop whenever I want! Yeah... who am I kidding? I'm always adding to my library! And don't plan to stop any time soon!

Recently, I've been seeing this idea that some of us readers aren't just bookworms. We love to read but we don't just love to read. We're bookdragons. We love to hoard books like treasure as a dragon might with their gold and jewels.

Seeing this idea, I couldn't agree more! I love to collect books. Even after I've read them unless I don't really want to keep them, which is rare though I am trying to let go of more of them, I keep my books! I love the idea of someday being able to create a proper library/reading room with rows and rows of bookcases filled with my beauties.

As you can clearly see in the background, I don't currently have that. It's definitely more the case of "if I fits, I sits." My books are just stacked haphazardly in my bedroom. But someday... Someday I will have my proper library!

To all the fellow bookdragons out there, keep on collecting your treasures! Don't let anyone tell you that you have too many books! There is no such thing!


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