Reveiw Requests

As of now, my review requests are OPEN! 


If you are an author or publisher and are interested in having me read and review your novel, please read below to find out how.


Thank you so much for your interest!​


Honestly, I am open to reading just about anything. If you think I’d be interested in your book based on my page, just send me an email and we’ll talk!


I primarily read Young Adult Fiction and New Adult Fiction with the below genres:






Paranormal Romance

Other genres I read on occasion but not too often:



Historical Fiction


Short Story


I DO NOT review poetry or non-fiction.


I post my full reviews here on Beauty’s Library Book Blog. I cross-post shortened versions of my reviews to Goodreads, Amazon, and on my Instagram account @beautys.library.


Please email me at


It would be very helpful if somewhere in the subject it said or is along the lines of “Book Review Request”


If you are interested in having me do a review, please make sure to include the following in your e-mail:


Book Cover 

Book Summary 

Link to Goodreads 

Please understand, I reserve the right to decline a review request, but I will take each one into consideration.


Thank you so much for considering my blog to showcase your novel! I look forward to hearing from you!


Please know that my opinions are my own and will be 100% honest and thoughtful based on the contents of the novel. I will not be swayed including with my thoughts of the publisher and/or author to give a book a rating that I do not think it deserves. Thus, if I accept your request to review your book, I will post my review regardless of the rating I decided to give it.


I prefer physical ARCs, but completely understand how limited those can be and will accept eARCs as well. When it comes I accept eARCs, I prefer .mobi files but will also accept PDF format. If the book is already published, I would still prefer a physical book, but again will accept an ebook form.


I DO NOT accept reviews of books that I need to purchase. Please do not send me an Amazon link to your book, asking me to purchase it and review it.


I try to always keep my review requests open as I love to support indie authors and publishers! However, I get several requests and I have my own personal reading I do outside of these requests. I'm currently working through all my review requests and am currently placing all new accepted requests to be read in a few months from now. That being said, if you need a review earlier than that just let me know! I'm not opposed to squeezing a book in!

When it comes to ARCs I typically will read these closer to their publishing date so I can post my review on the day of release. Of course, you can request I read and post my review before this date.

I currently post my reviews in the order I read them. Unless requested, I will post the book review in the order I read it, which means it’ll be posted roughly a few weeks to up to a month after I’ve read it. For example, all my reads in October will get posted in order throughout the month of November.


Please note, I set my reading lists for each month a few days before the start of the new month, I don’t often stray from them in the middle of the month. Though, I have done so in the past. So again, in your email, please let me know if you have dates you need a review by, so I can plan accordingly.


I will be completely transparent with you, if I am running behind on reading, or if something unexpected comes up, I will send an update to let you know what is going on. I truly try my hardest to stick to the dates that we choose, if I am to accept your review request. Though I am human and things do change and come up. This blog is something I do for fun in my spare time, unfortunately, it's not my job.


Even though I do not keep my review requests open all the time, I would still love the chance to be able to work with you! I would love to be able to help promote the book in whatever way I can! Examples of this may be (and are not limited to) an interview, guest post, or giveaway!


Thank you so much for considering my blog to showcase your novel! I look forward to hearing from you!