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You Make Me Sick... Literally Review

I found this to be an enjoyable cute contemporary romance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Nyla Nguyen is thankful to be alive, but how much will she risk to keep it that way?

A small town girl with dreams of making it big in the city, Nyla is eager to see where her new life will take her, where her second chance will lead. When a bizarre weather phenomenon very nearly kills her, she is grateful to be alive—to have escaped unscathed. But… did she?

When an illness that she thought was a random bout of the flu wreaks havoc on her body, she realizes she may not have been so fortunate after all. Sure she’ll die in a few weeks, Nyla tries to enjoy what is left of her meager life, until she feels better—quite miraculously.

Nyla soon discovers that her recovery isn’t so mysterious after all, when a guy she met only once before seems to be responsible. A human antidote.

Two sick people. One shared antidote. Trying to stay alive shouldn’t be difficult, right?

Nyla will do everything in her power to stay alive, even if it means befriending the guy with the power to make her sick.


I received a copy of You Make Me Sick... Literally from the author, Shamika Lindsay. In return for an honest review. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

This was such a cute read. I had no idea what I was heading into with this one, but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I found this premise so fascinating, a human antidote? You’ve got my attention! Nyla was such an interesting main character to follow. I loved seeing her character grow as we went through the story. I absolutely loved her antidote, Noah too! From the minute we meet him, I knew I was going to like him.

I found this premise so fascinating, a human antidote? You’ve got my attention!

Though, I will say, it is on the longer side. Being over 500 pages, for a contemporary romance, I did think this was maybe a little longer than it could have been. There was definitely a lot of fluff that it could have been without. But, we do get a lot within these 500 pages. We see a cute romance, a nosy coworker, and a jealous best friend. WE see each of our main characters holding onto painful pasts. There’s so much in here.

That being said, I did also think this may have started off a little slow in regards to events. The entire beginning was really just following Nyla’s sickness. Which I found helpful, but I don’t think it needed to be quite as long as it was, again going back to that unnecessary fluff. We don’t see our human antidote until we’re well into the novel, which I found surprising.

However, despite it’s longer length, this was a relatively quick read. Even during the beginning, I breezed through the chapters easily, I wanted to know what was going to happen next for Nyla. It was easy for me to get sucked in to this and get lost within the pages.

...despite it’s longer length, this was a relatively quick read.

I do wish the details of our character’s pasts would have come out sooner than it did. I thought by the time they came out was a little too late in the story. More so when it came to Nyla’s past. It’s hinted throughout, but it’s not until about the last 100 pages that we finally learn about it. And it really explained some of Nyla’s actions. I would have loved to learn some of these details much sooner.

Overall, I found this to be an enjoyable cute contemporary romance. But it’s definitely a chonker! So keep that in mind. I can definitely see this being a hit among fans of Five Feet Apart, The Fault in Our Stars and Regretting You.


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