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Finding Jane Fairfax Review

Updated: Apr 25

Rating: 5/5

Jane Fairfax knows she is truly fortunate. Most orphans face lives of hardship, whereas she was adopted by doting surrogate parents who elevated her place in Society and love her as their own. Yet even they cannot shield her from the grim realities of life without a suitable marriage. In moments of despair, Jane comforts herself with a well-worn that of a young man whose kind words when they were children once soothed her heartbreak. But now that boy has grown into a dashing gentleman—and their lives could not be more distant. 

Frank Churchill is a prisoner of his station. His inheritance is held in the balance by his demanding aunt, and the weight of her expectations is suffocating him. But when a chance encounter brings the lovely Miss Fairfax back into his life, he discovers what it is to truly live. As the pair secretly become acquainted amid the confines of Society’s strict rules, their friendship blossoms into love. But in a world ruled by unyielding traditions, endeavoring to build a life together would mean inviting a scandal that would shake the very foundation of the ton.


I received a free copy of Finding Jane Fairfax through Austenprose PR for a book tour. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Finding Jane Fairfax is a prequel to Jane Austen’s Emma, however, you could easily read this whether or not you’re familiar with Jane Austen or her novel, Emma. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and I am not familiar with Emma. Though you can bet it’s on my list to read very soon!

I simply devoured this book! It was such an easy flowing read, most of it I read in one sitting, and given the chance I very much would have read the whole thing! If not for having responsibilities to do. That darn thing called adulting…

Anyways! This was such a darling historical romance! You get to see plenty of societal events from high teas to garden parties to balls. And it was such a sweet slow burn romance as well. From the very beginning, it's obvious how things are going to develop, even if you aren’t familiar with Emma. But that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable, I couldn’t wait to see how things played out between Jane and Frank and I can’t wait to pick up Emma to continue their story.

I truly felt for both Jane, growing up as an orphan and unsure of her future. Her only choices are to marry someone to remain within the ton or become a governess. And then Frank has to follow everything his Aunt demands due to her having the reins on his inheritance. It was truly interesting learning more about their pasts and what they had to deal with growing up. Seeing their interactions with one another was so enjoyable!

I highly recommend picking this up if you enjoy slow-burn historical romances! Perfect for fans of Jane Austen, Bridgerton, or just fashionable society in general.


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