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Exiles Review

Rating: 4/5

In an alternate reality, Europe is ruled by a suffocating bureaucracy that restricts technology and robs its citizens of both past and future, offering only an endless now. The Order has survived survived wars, famines, strikes and revolutions without flinching...but today a common tramp, a disillusioned smuggler and a mercenary with a lust for power will join forces and set in motion events that will shake this faceless tyranny to its foundations, and usher in a new age of empire. The rise of Magnus Antonius Magnus begins here....


…a man imprisoned by a tyrant on a remote island, intended to be beyond all human contact – will he ever escape? Will he die alone?

When I was asked about taking part in this book tour from Coffee and Thorn, this line sold me into picking this up. Being a prequel to Watson’s novel, Deus Ex, this novella sets the story and explains the background of Magnus. 

This is not my first book from Watson, and I always get blown away each time. Their writing style is always so captivating. From the first few sentences, I was sucked in and had to know what would happen. I was captivated by Marguerite immediately, I found myself easily following in her steps, the captain of a smuggler crew, who’d been tasked to bring supplies to Magnus on the island. I fell in love with her character and her story of how she became the captain of her crew and took no bullshit. I absolutely love strong female leads, and Marguerite didn’t disappoint! She was definitely one amazing badass!

And once we started to get introduced to Enitan, I couldn’t help but be further entranced. I wanted to learn what happened to him and why he was alone on this island, I wanted to know how things would play out. And learn more about Magnus. I haven’t read Deus Ex, but you better believe that after reading this I plan to!

Thank you Coffee and Thorn for this opportunity! I always enjoy reading Miles Watson’s stories, each one has surprised me and entertained me. If you enjoy historical fantasy and descriptive reads then this one is definitely for you! I can’t wait to get my hands on Deus Ex and continue Magnus’ story!


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