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Devils You Know Review

Watson doesn’t shy away from the grim reality that is the darkness.

Rating: 3.5/5

In this anthology you'll find horror and drama, warfare and madness and crime, and even the laughs are of the midnight-black variety. You'll encounter gangsters elbow-deep in the red business of murder, soldiers slogging through physical and moral mud, and supernatural monsters whose pleasures are taken in human blood. You will journey through a dystopian America and a just-liberated Paris, encounter ordinary men descending into madness, and meet a Nazi officer who discovers the hard way that we are all brothers under the skin. Somewhere in these pages you will even meet Satan himself...and discover that sometimes even he can't take the heat. So sit down, buckle up, and get ready to meet your devils. Just don't be surprised if they look familiar...


I received a free book from Blackthorn Book Tours. Thank you for this opportunity!

I definitely think I’m a fan of Miles Watson now. I’ve read two of his other short stories and really enjoyed them. So I was especially looking forward to this collection of 13 shorts.

And let me just say, these did not disappoint. While I didn’t necessarily love them all, I truly enjoy Watson’s writing style. Watson doesn’t shy away from the grim reality that is the darkness.

Each of these shorts are all unique and unapologetically gruesome. This is not for the faint of heart. We see mentally unstable individuals, stories of war, and the darker side of the supernatural. This collection is simply filled with darkness. And I’m here for all of it! A few of my top favorites were Roadtrip, D.S.A., and The Devil You Know.

This is a perfect short story collection for any fan of horror.


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