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2022 Enchanted Readathon - Week Four

Time for another check in!

Let's see... how many prompts have I completed...


Well. I'm feeling a little defeated at the moment.

Every time I think I have a handle on a new routine, things get out of control again. I was only able to finish one book this week. And that was on Saturday. I haven't been able to pick up anything since. I've been staying up late working and by the time I do finish, I'm just so mentally drained.

I feel awful for only having 5 prompts finished for my own readathon. I really had hoped to get through more. But I don't know what else I can do to really fix that. We've only got two weeks left.

So what did I read?

I did manage to finally finish The Whispering Dead by Darcy Coates for the Mandrake prompt.

This prompt asked that you read a book with a plant of the cover. And this book has trees on the cover.

So what am I reading next?

I really had hoped to get through Hearts of Briarwall by Krista Jensen for the Sands of Time prompt, this one is to read a book set in a different decade.

But one good thing that's happened this week is I got a surprise book mail! I received a copy of Six Feet Deep Dish by Mindy Quigley. I'm considering making this my new book pick for the Be Our Guest prompt, which asks to read a book set around food or cooking.

That's it for today! Let's see how many I prompts I can get through this next week!


Interested in taking part in my Enchanted Readathon? For more information on this year's Enchanted Readathon and for the full prompt list click here.


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