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Enchanted Reads Book Club

I've gained so many new friends, book recommendations, everything! I've discovered an even deeper love for reading since starting this blog. Near the end of 2020, I started looking for new ways to get involved with the bookish community! I had taken part in several buddy reads and other book clubs friends have thrown. Then, I decided I wanted to try putting one together myself! Thus, the creation of #EnchantedReadsBookClub.

This book pictured is our current book pick!

January 2023 ~

The It Girl by Ruth Ware

If you're interested in taking part, you can email me at or message me on Instagram!


I created this book club with everyone in mind! It's not a strict book club! You aren't expected to join me every month! I've set this up to give everyone a chance to take part!

Now, by that I mean, each month the genres will be different! During the last week of the current month, I will post voting on my Instagram story for the next month's book pick! I do the voting in two rounds, starting with genres. I will give 4 genre options, I leave it to majority votes. Whichever genre has the most votes by the time the story expires after 24 hours, I will post the second round of voting with 4 book picks that fit within that genre that one during the first round.

Note ~
I also don't do the same genre two months in a row. That way people who may not be into one genre get a chance to take part the next month with a genre they do like.

You aren't obligated to make any posts regarding the book picks! That's totally up to you. I just ask that if you do plan on posting about it, whether that you're reading it or a review of it, that you add the bookclub hashtag ~ #EnchantedReadsBookClub

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to message me on Instagram or email me at


When it comes to discussing the book, it will all take place on Instagram. I create a new group chat at the beginning of each month for that month's book pick. I close the chat a few days after the discussion ends.

The discussion takes place during the last three days of the month. Once I post the first question the conversation is pretty open. It doesn't have to stay strictly on the questions I post. You are able to share your own thoughts and opinions or post your own question. I'll post questions throughout the three days just to help keep the discussion going.

I've set it up this way to allow people from all over the world to take place and not be required to meet at a specific time. This open style discussion also allows everyone to have a more relaxed conversation and be able to join in whenever they're able to. This way we aren't having to sit by our phones all the time waiting to discuss the book.

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