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Slaughtered Love Review

This was definitely a quick and dirty story!

Rating: 4/5

“If you cheated on me, I’d kill you.”

Her husband’s words once sounded sweet, but now Elyse Riley’s come to realize what a horrifying threat they really were.

Caught up in the exciting passion of a new love, Elyse’s affair made her feel alive. But when her husband discovers her secret affair, she’ll end up trapped in his sinister, dangerous wrath. As Elyse and her lover face a terrifying ordeal incited by a husband’s need for revenge, they realize that some passions aren’t worth chasing.

Will the two be able to escape his dungeon of horrors, or will Elyse pay the ultimate price for her illicit affair?


This was definitely a quick and dirty story! This short story is definitely short and there’s nothing wrong with that! This one was roughly only 25 pages long, becoming my shortest short story yet!

We follow a wife, Elyse who once laughed at her husband’s words “If you cheated on me, I’d kill you.” Until one day she finds herself going after a chance to have an affair with a stranger. However, she’s caught by her husband and quickly realizes those words that seemed endearing once before were actually a threat he meant fully. Will Elyse be able to escape his wraith?

From the start, for me, it was apparent how it’ll end. However, even with knowing this, I was still captivated by the details that occurred. I can’t say I feel sorry for our main character. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m very against cheaters. That being said I was still shocked by the events that played out as well as the ending we face.

This was definitely a great fast-paced read! I read it in one sitting. I loved all the details we see. It was easy to imagine everything. I think if you enjoy short stories and are a fan of thrillers, and are afraid of a little gore, I highly suggest reading this one!


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