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Journal Entry | October 15.2022

Hello, beasties!

It’s already mid-October! Wow, does time fly.

And I've got my October reading tracker ready to share! This year I went with a little hocus pocus theme, and included a black flame candle!

I’m really enjoying these reading check-ins. I think I might just keep them! While I’m still not reading as much as I was at the beginning of the year, I’m still reading. And that’s what matters! Life is always changing so I’m hoping that I’ll get more into reading like I was now that I’m not as busy.

But I will say, the summer really messed with my reading mojo. I was so busy that while I never really lost my spirit to read, I was just so mentally drained most days that I struggled to pick up a book and focus on the words. Some days, I could barely make it past a page. And then I had days where I devoured a book in a single sitting. I know, I was confused too.

And now that I’ve gotten used to just checking my phone or doing other things when I’d usually be reading. I’m struggling to actually pick up the books now that I have the time again. But I am slowly starting to have more days where I stay up to stupid times in the night reading. So I have hope!

I actually did this last night too! This leads me to…

What did I read this week?

I finished the following books:

Lore Olympus: Volume Three by Rachel Smythe

This is the book that I was reading late into the night! I got my Barnes and Noble special edition copy in the mail late in the afternoon yesterday, and so I spent the night reading and loving every minute of this next volume. I’m already dying for the next one!

Locke & Key #6: Alpha & Omega by Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez

I finally finished the Locke and Key series! This series couldn’t have wrapped up better! While this definitely had its sad moments, I’m so happy with how things ended. Now I just need to get through the Sandman series before I pick up the new spin-off for Locke and Key, The Golden Age.

Which I did start! Here are all the books I started this week:

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes by Neil Gaiman

The Magnolia Palace by Fiona Davis

To Capture His Heart by Nancy Campbell Allen

That’s another thing that I’ve been sort of struggling with. Besides picking up the books and actually reading them. I’m struggling to start and finish a book entirely before wanting to start another. I just want to read this and read that. I want to get through so many books that I’m struggling to actually finish books. It’s not helping that I’ve also got lots of publication days and book tours coming up so I’m scrambling to get through those in preparation for when I need to feature them on my page.

So that leads me to…

What am I currently reading?

Besides the three books that I listed above, I’m currently in the middle of:

Red Rising by Pierce Brown

Covet by Tracy Wolff

In the Shadow of a Queen by Heather B. Moore

The Belle of Belgrave Square by Mimi Matthews

What am I reading next?

So… yeah. I have a lot of books started right now. But they’re all around the halfway point. Yes, I know. I’m terrible. Haha! But if things go my way this week and I continue to have the free time I’ve had since I came home, I should and hope to be able to finish all these by next Saturday! So my “what I read” section will be so much cooler!

Until next time!


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