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Journal Entry | January 01.2023

Hello, beasties! Happy new year!!

Are you excited for the new year?

I very much am! I'm ready for a new start for so many things. This last year was filled with so many new experiences both with reading and work. Really just life in general. I'm still very much getting the hang of this whole adulting thing.

I'm sad to admit I really struggled with this blog basically the entire second half of the year. But! I've got a plan to fix that and hopefully be better at both reading and blogging going into the new year!

That leads me to my reading goals for 2023! My goals for 2022... I did not complete them at all. Like any of them. Oops! So for this year, I decided to sort of take my goals from last year and revamp them for 2023!

That being said here are my goals!

First ~ Read 100 books!

I think this is self-explanatory. Last year I had tried for 125, but as I mentioned, life got a little out of control so I only ended up with 99/125 books read. I'm still very much happy with that number. Do I wish I read more? Of course, I always wish I read more. But 99 books read is still nothing to snooze about!

Second ~ Read more from my backlist!

AKA read the books I already own. This is a crucial one for me. As I did a horrible job of this the last two years. I just want to read more of my already owned books.

Third ~ Remember my love for reading

I think one thing that made me struggle with keeping up with my blog as it was starting to feel like a job. I started this blog for fun and when work started to pick up it was getting harder to keep up with posting things here. I started to feel like it was another job. So, this goal is simpler, just to remember that I love reading and why I love it.

Did you set any reading goals for 2023?


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